Visual social psychologist. Scholar. Teacher.

I am trained as a social psychologist. I study the micro-sociology of place-making and belonging. My latest research is on the relationship between creative labor and place-making in rural communities.

I began my research career doing discourse analysis and wrote an application, SemioCode, to do the kind of content analysis I was using based on my dissertation. As a result, I developed teaching interests in statistical programming, large sample discourse analysis, and social network analysis. I am fluent in Perl, C, PHP, R, and Python, and have been introducing coding into my courses in social network analysis and quantitative methods.

Courses taught: Data & Society*, Quantitative Methods*, Introductory Statistics*, Advanced Statistics*, Social Networks*, Stratification, Sociology of Science & Technology, Sociology of Religion, Visual Sociology, Sociology of Sport, Introductory Sociology
* includes programming component

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